Tor Geir

Sharpshooter of the 116th Reshgyrian Regiment


Corporal Geir is slightly above average in height and well built. He keeps his head shaved bald but boasts a full beard. He is not often to be found without wearing at least some piece of uniform or without a Rifle within arms reach. He is amicable with all those who share his purpose but can turn immediately aggressive if his perceived mission is jeopardized.


The 116th Reshgyrian Regiment was en route to quell a uprising and had stopped at the Hive world of Desoleum for a short refit. Corporal Tor Geir found himself in lock up after trying to acquire weapons parts from the Blackmarket on Desoleum and only his intervention in the action of Precinct 313 and the subsequent attention of an Inquisitorial Strike Team saved him from the business end of a Commissars Bolt Pistol.

Tor is deeply proud of his position as an Imperial Guardsman and identifies with it as his only avenue to contribute to the Imperium. He takes great pride in the history of his people and the lineage of his Regiment and world studying the history that brought his forefathers from the carved surface of Holy Terra, through the Marcharian Crusade, and eventually to their new home on Reshgyr when the crusade was over.

Tor Geir

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