Justinian Baine

Average height /weight with stocky build. Dark brown hair and eyes, ruddy complexion. Wears Arbitrator carapace armor and flak coat with a holstered sidearm, shock baton, and shotgun.


WS- BS- St- To- Ag- IQ- Per- WP- Fel- Inf
31- 39- 30- 36- 37- 30- 35- 30- 38- 30

Armor: Arbitrator Carapace w/ Flak ‘duster’ Coat. Head 8 Limbs and Torso 10
Weapons: Shotgun, Stub Automatic, Shock Baton, Knife

“Who the Hades do you think you’re fooling with your grok-crap?”


Arbiter Justinian Baine is a stocky Hive Worlder from the capital world of Askellon Sector, Juno. He is of fairly average looks and description; average height, brown hair and eyes, ruddy complexion and so forth. Were it not for his armor, it would be fairly easy to lose him in a crowd. His demeanor is routinely a stern expression that keeps most ‘civilians’ at bay, however.
He wears a Adeptus Arbites carapace armor with a long flak armor ‘duster’ over top. He is rarely seen without his stub automatic or his shock baton.
From the week or so the team has known him, it’s clear that he’s remarkably free of scruples regarding doing his duty and ‘getting the job done’ and isn’t afraid to use his baton to ‘spark’ more information from a suspect he believes is holding out on him.

Justinian Baine

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